Could Not Install on DNN 4.09.02


When installing onto DNN 4.09.02, I get the following:
StartJob Starting Installation
StartJob Reading files
Info Loading bin\DnnLiveHandler.dll
Info File bin\DnnLiveHandler.dll read successfully
Info Loading App_LocalResources\View.ascx.resx
Info File App_LocalResources\View.ascx.resx read successfully
Info Loading View.ascx
Info File View.ascx read successfully
Info Loading View.ascx.vb
Info File View.ascx.vb read successfully
Info Loading DnnLiveMessenger.dnn
Info File DnnLiveMessenger.dnn read successfully
Info Loading App_LocalResources/DnnLiveMessenger.dnn
Failure Found multiple .dnn files in the zip file: DnnLiveMessenger.dnn and DnnLiveMessenger.dnn
Info File App_LocalResources\DnnLiveMessenger.dnn read successfully
Failure ExceptionSystem.Exception: File load failed, aborting at DotNetNuke.Modules.Admin.ResourceInstaller.PaInstaller.ReadZipStream() at DotNetNuke.Modules.Admin.ResourceInstaller.PaInstaller.Install()
Closed Mar 19, 2009 at 9:41 PM by jbrinkman
As indicated in the Module Requirements, I designed the module to require DotNetNuke 5.0 and Asp.Net 3.5