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Project Description
DNN Live Messenger makes it easy for users to integrate Windows Live UI Controls into their DotNetNuke Website. Instantly add the Windows Live Messenger webbar and enable users to use Windows Live Messenger from your Website.

Take your DotNetNuke website to the next level by integrating Windows Live Services. The Messenger Web Toolkit and the DNN Live Messenger module makes this easier than ever. Just drop the module on the page, register your website with Windows Live Services and you are off and running.

The initial release shows some simple integration scenarios between Windows Live Messenger and DotNetNuke. The module uses the new Messenger Web Toolkit which was just announced at Mix09. Future releases will focus on expanding this integration to provide richer and more varied options.

NOTE: This module uses Delegated Authentication and requires you to register your site with Windows Live Services to recieve and AppID and to register a shared secret. See the requirements page for more information.

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